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An unusable, visually broken website will cause your viewers to take leave, resulting in the lose of precious business. A maintenance plan ensures your website continues to run flawlessly, always.


All maintenance plans are quoted specifically for your website.

Technology is constantly changing and that includes the foundations of what your website is built on and viewed with. One day your website may be working beautifully and the next an update to a browser may cause functionality to break or design elements to be displayed incorrectly. 

Don't let your website become unusable, make sure it stays current with frequent maintenance checks and important software updates.

Do I have to get a maintenance Plan?

A maintenance plan is strongly recommended but you are not compelled to purchase one. If you would rather keep an eye on your website's performance and apply software updates yourself, you are welcome to do so. In the case you find yourself with a problem you can't fix, Marlee Kate would be available for an hourly rate of $50 to help you solve those issues.


Maintenance checks include a thorough analysis of your entire website to flush out any potential issues with your website's functionality or design elements. Any issues found are promptly addressed and tests are rerun to make sure the issue is no longer present on your website.


In addition to adding the latest software features and compatibility to your website, software updates are very important to keep your website secure and void of attacks. All maintenance plans included applying software updates and making sure your website adapts to them in an appropriate manner.


Maintenance plans are custom quoted to account for the variance in website size and the complexities a website may include. In order to accommodate different budgets, you will be provided with five different quotes to pick from that coincide with the frequency that maintenance checks and software updates are performed throughout the year.


Hopefully this clears up a few questions you may have.

Do you manage websites you haven't created?

Currently, maintenance plans and content management are only offered to those who have a website created or set up by Marlee Kate.

Why isn't there set prices for maintenance plans?

It doesn't seem right to charge you the same price as someone with a website twice your size. That is why maintenance plans are quoted based on the website instead of potentially over charging you with a blanket price. 

What if an issue is found between maintenance checks?

If an issue arises between maintenance checks, you can simply contact Marlee Kate and it will be immediately fixed at no extra cost to you.

Do maintenance plans include hosting support?

Maintenance plans are for your website only. If an issue is found to be caused by your hosting provider, you will need to contact them to address your issue. However, if you are using Marlee Kate's hosting service then those types of issues are covered under your hosting plan and will be attended to. No need to contact another company! 
If a potential customer visits your website and they are presented with unusable features and broken design elements, they will quickly turn to another company. Don't let this happen, sign up for a website maintenance plan today.


Content updates made even easier.


The WordPress content management system gives you full control over your website's content but that doesn't mean you have to use it. You are more than welcome to request content changes to be made on your behalf and those include changes to images, textual content, and any forms you may have.


No need to set up a fixed coverage plan that you may not utilize, pay only for what you use. The cost for content management is simple:
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